This course is a five-series topic covering the fundamentals or concepts of AML/CFT compliance. The course aims to enable students not just to be able to describe money laundering and terrorist financing; but also to understand predicate offences, customer due diligence, and risk. The knowledge to be gained will build students' job-related confidence. This course will address definitions, Concepts, and processes you need when planning your policies, among others. 

These will extensively address the following.

  • Introduce you to money laundering (ML) and terrorism financing (TF). It will also explain how these two illegal activities are related. Taught in a thorough but straightforward explanatory style which will cover
  • The art of disguising laundered money, a brief history of Money Laundering
  • How ML/TF are committed; learn about predicate crimes
  • Learn about an uncommon type of terrorism - Eco-terrorism in terms of its nature, history, philosophical justifications of its perpetrators, and some of the tactics used by "eco-terrorists.
  • What is Know-Your-Customer (KYC)? Why KYC is necessary, why financial institutions like banks, insurance companies, and others are easy Money Laundering targets.   
  • Financial and Non-financial must go beyond just identifying their customers to familiarise themselves with the right processes and learn about the KYC guidelines.
  • Under Customer-Due-Diligence (CDD), we will define CDD and differentiate between KYC and CDD. We will also explain why CDD is Important and what best standards are available.
  • We will examine the essentials of a proper KYC/CDD strategy and why we need a good plan.
  • Under Enhanced-Due-Diligence (EDD) - what is it all about and when is it applied, how do you de-escalate enhanced risk, etc

Who this course is for

Anyone in customer relations, operations, management, compliance, front office staff, bank tellers, Human Resource Students, financial institution interns, new hires Criminal Law students, Fraud analysts Policymakers and legal drafters.

What you'll learn

  • Learn in simple ways, how money is laundered and terrorism financed.

  • Consequences of money laundering on the economic or political scape.

  • What motivates Terrorism and how it's financing is moved

  • Understand what AML - Customer Due Diligence is?

  • The types of AML due diligence.

  • Best standards for formulating excellent KYC/CDD strategies

  • How to design a standard KYC/CDD Policy for your business

  • Steps needed to take for Customer Due diligence according to FATF recommendations

  • How and When to de-risk your client

  • Learn how to identify risk, risk profile customers, transactions and regions according to AML principles....


    1. Videos - Instructions

    2. 25 Incredible Camouflaged Animals

    3. Sniper Camouflage Technique

    4. Top 10 Animals That Camouflage

    5. Sniper Camouflage Techniques

    1. Video Quiz

    2. Disguise Videos- Exercise

    1. Money Laundering in 2mins

    2. Understanding Money Laundering / Terrorism Financing

    3. Money Laundering - Main

    4. Bonus - Money Laundering: Al Capone

    5. Consequences

    6. Class Exercise

    1. Money Laundering/Terrorist Financing

    2. Terrorism Financing Explained 2

    3. Terrorism Financing Case-study Exercise.

    4. Terrorism Financing Case-study - Exercise 1

    5. Quiz-Terrorism Case-study

    6. Bonus - Foreign Terrorist Fighters

About this course

  • $50.00
  • 23 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content

Meet Your Instructor

Samuel Aremu

A course designed by Samuel Aremu in partnership with g-Log Consult. He is a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) with Postgraduate degrees in Intelligence, Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice. Mr Samuel has been a driver in the AML/CFT regime in Nigeria and West Africa. He has trained and mentored over 700 students, law enforcement officers, financial and intelligence analysts, and staff of Financial and Designated Non-Financial businesses in Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, Togo, and South Africa.

g-Log Consult specializes in Anti-Money Laundering / Combating the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT), background checks/staff vetting, regulatory compliance, tax matters, financial crimes, fraud, audit, corporate governance and ICT consulting, among other subjects of interest.